Why Power Slut Racing

Why Power Slut Racing??

I am asked almost daily "Why Power Slut Racing?" Take a minute and discover how I arrived at Power Slut Racing. *Spoiler Alert* It wasn't just for shock value or to create the most vulgar company name I could.

First, we all know what the term Slut describes in its normal context. I prefer to use a bit of poetic license and give Slut the definition more commonly fitted to a Gold Digger. So can my Slut be a bit promiscuous, yes, but she does it for her reasons. She wants the finer things in life.

Now let’s figuratively apply this thinking to your car. If you're like me, and most of the guys I know, the personality we perceive our cars to embody is that of a female. So does your car buy all those pretty little things herself? No, you buy her all the lavish things she desires because you want her to look pretty. You want your Slut to have the visual Power and the literal Power to beat the competition and to get all the attention. You want her to make the other boys jealous of you. Finally, you want her to reward you with that feeling only she can do.

Cars become so much more than just modes of transportation to most of us. Cars become a big part of our lives. They help to guide our experiences and determine our friendships. Cars are the blank canvass that we can layer on our own perceptions of power, speed, and beauty. They are the reflections of our personalities, of our lifestyles.

We’ve all done what others might not understand.

  • Work 2 jobs (1 for rent and 1 for car parts)
  • Stay up to 5am when you have to work the next day, just so you don’t miss any of the street action
  • Drive all night after a long day of work to make it that track day or car show the next morning
  • Stay up all night spinning wrenches not because you have to go to work next day, but because you want to take her for that drive thru the canyons

We do all the things we do because of the feelings we get behind the wheel, staring at her in the garage, or even telling the stories of your adventures together to friends. Does this make us the Sugar Daddy to our Power Slut cars, perhaps? We all want what we envision as the best and we do what can and what we have to, to get it.

This is how Power Slut Racing was born.