Why Run PSR-Magnetic Drain Plugs


Shouldn't I just be worried about the big stuff?  Well let’s take a look at the facts...

Even under the best driving conditions and the most meticulous maintenance schedule, the continuous moving of parts in your engine causes friction. This friction causes tiny metal particles to flake off. These tiny particles of damaging grit float in your oil, and then get circulated back thru your engine (like an oily sandpaper) wearing down your parts even more.

These tiny metal particles are measured in microns. A micron is one millionth of a meter. It takes 25 microns to equal .001”… yes, one thousandths of an inch.

SAE and Independent Laboratory testing documentation indicates more than 80% of engine wear is actually caused by particles smaller than 10 microns. (Three technical papers -SAE 881827, SAE 881825 and SAE 95255- were written on how ultra-fine oil filtration affected an engine's performance.)  Conversely, particles larger than 10 microns in size account for less than 20% of an engines wear. Since the oil filter media does an OK job of catching particles down to 20 or even 15 microns for premium filters, it is only the fine silt that causes the 80% of wear that ever gets thru your oil filter. This is where our magnetic oil drain plugs come into play. Our magnetic drain plugs help to catch this super-fine material.

I guess it comes down to choosing 80% better or 20% better metal particulate control, and which one is best for your car.

With most car manufacturers recommending longer maintenance intervals on new cars, more and more of these tiny particles will build up in your oil.

Honestly, I personally use our Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs in all of my engines. When you look at the real numbers it makes sense, and gives you the highest level of protection, longer oil change intervals, and superior fluid performance.

I have a newer car with an aluminum engine. What good will a magnetic drain plug do for my engine?

Yes, your engine's case or block may be made of aluminum, but the cylinder (where the piston travels up and down) is typically sleeved with an iron sleeve for strength. Your pistons may be aluminum also, but those piston rings? Those have iron in them too. All these iron parts are a ferrous metal (attracted to a magnet). So the 2 items that wear the most, the piston rings and cylinder walls, are ferrous in your "Aluminum" engine. Let's not forget about the camshaft(s), valves, valve springs, lifters, timing chain(s), timing gears, or the oil pump.

What about your transmission? All the gears in your transmission and differential are ferrous too. The list goes on and on.

How will I know it is working?

When you change your oil, take a look at the magnet on your new Power Slut Racing magnetic drain plug. That black sludge looking stuff that covers your Magnet is all the tiny metal particles our Magnetic Drain Plug caught (that the oil filter did not) and that would otherwise be circulating thru your engine. Just wipe off this black gunk, replace the sealing washer with new washer and re-install your magnetic drain plug back into your oil pan. Do this during every oil change and you can continue to have the maximum protection for your engine!

I personally use these plugs on all of my engines. The amount of the metal these drain plugs pick up during the breaking in of a fresh motor makes these plugs worth their weight in gold to me.